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American Heart Association
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Authorized Provider of CPR and ECC Courses.

EMT-Training Associates has been formed for Registered Emergency Medical Personnel. This Organization is run by People, who like yourself, work the field. To date E.M.T.-T.A. has successfully helped train countless numbers of Registered EMTs towards their re-certification requirements.

THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THIS TRAINING ORGANIZATION is to give the EMTs, in our area an opportunity to attain the required MANDATORY Continuing Education Credit Hours at a reasonable cost, and at a level which we all understand.

EMT TRAINING ASSOCIATES HAVE SET A GOAL, that goal Is to give each and every registered EMT, in our area the opportunity to obtain, not only the required continued education credit hours needed for re-certification but a hands on, and in-street type of training program so needed, and asked for by you.

EMT-Training Associates is N.A.T.A Board of Certification Approved for all Live Programs and is recognized by the "Board of Certification" to offer Continuing Education Credits for Certified Athletic Trainers.

AS AN ADJUNCT E.M.T.-T.A. will provide a series of lectures at a Minimal cost to you, we realize with inflated prices the way they are today, The NEED for good TRAINING at a minimal cost.

Remember to visit our "Programs Page" to view the dates for upcoming programs. 

Thank you
E.M.T.-T.A. Staff

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